Outside of leading Growth Product (Experimentation, SEO, and Product-Led Growth) at Loblaw Digital, I often have a few projects on the go. Below are are some of the bigger ones.

Growth Nation is another passion-project focused on diving deep into Growth topic with experts from around the world.
Experiment Nation is a community of Experimenters from around the world. With a LinkedIn following of over 2K and a newsletter subscriber base of well over 1K – it’s one of the more prominent communities in the space. I was recognized with an Experimentation Culture Award for starting this initiative.
Experiment Nation: The Conference is an annual conference that is free and on-demand that features 30+ Experimenters from around the world with strong representation from visible minorities, women, and those who haven’t had the chance to speak at events.
On Experiment Nation: The Podcast, I share my thoughts on a bi-weekly basis as well as share interviews and recorded presentations from experimenters. Recently ranked in the top 50 business podcasts on
The Experiment Nation CRO Certification Exam is a carefully crafted to evaluate a CRO’s skills in under 25 minutes. Created in partnerships with industry veterans from companies such as Apple, Optimizely, and Speero.
Sprinting to show value was my first attempt at writing a book. It outlines how one can launch an Experimentation Program in a corporate setting. It’s available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.
I am an occasional contributor to CRO Memes which creates memes about the CRO industry.
Good Enough is a YouTube channel of short random videos I create with my family.