Podcasts and Interviews

I regularly create podcasts for Experiment Nation for which I share my thoughts about the Experimentation industry in under 5 minutes. I’ve also appeared on various other Experimentation-focused episodes.

If you’d like to appear on your show, connect with me on Linkedin.

Appeared on Experiment Nation about how I grew the Experimentation Community

Participated in Speero’s Ben Lebay’s interview series with practitioners to discuss Experimentation team structure

Appeared on the From A to B podcast


Appeared on the BIPOC Manager podcast

Interviewed by Convert.com

Full version: Testing Mind Map Series: How to Think Like a CRO Pro (Part 20)


My conference session for Experiment Nation: The Conference 2022

Interviewed by Optimizely’s Haley Carpenter

Interviewed by Speero’s Shiva Manjunath