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Rommil Santiago has grown businesses across a dozen industries for almost 2 decades – helping them acquire millions of customers and generate millions of dollars in top-line revenue and savings.

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About Rommil Santiago

I currently lead Growth Product at Loblaw Digital; I've previously led Growth at 500px, theScore, and Autodesk; and was a Product Manager of Growth at Ritual and Flipp. I also connect the Experimentation community by interviewing experimenters from around the world for my passion-project, Experiment Nation. And in my spare time, I mentor marketers, growth managers and product managers.

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Practice development

I have launched three experimentation programs, 2 cross-functional Growth practices, a Product Operations function, a Landing Page Optimization practice, a Personalization practice, an SEO practice, a CRO practice, and a Product-Led Growth practice – all from the ground up.

Team building

My servant-leadership approach has allowed me to build high-performing teams that are not afraid to challenge the status-quo, are autonomous, and always deliver results – all within an environment where personal growth is always a priority.


I’ve led product-led growth initiatives such as referral and onboarding optimization, as well as generating net new revenue streams and helping save a start-up with only a few months left of runway.


I have been running experiments for well over 15 years to help increase conversion rates, generate revenue, measure the impact of features, and estimate the demand of new offerings.

Product Management

I’ve managed product portfolios that have included everything from growth infrastructure to loyalty programs, from transaction ledgers to product recommendation, and from martech to ad-tech.


I’ve led marketing for eCommerce and Marketplace properties, rebranded a start-up to capture a new market, and defined the marketing position for a popular service with millions of DAUs.

Recent Notable Accomplishments

Named a LinkedIn Community Top Digital Marketing Voice

Top 10% most followed podcast on Spotify

Top 18 CRO Expert and Top 14 CRO Newsletter

Named a top A/B testing influencer

Won an Experimentation Culture Award

Founded Experiment Nation

Key in launching Autodesk’s global eStore

Some kind words

“Rommil has endless energy, curiosity, and capacity for innovation”

Rommil has endless energy, curiosity, and capacity for innovation, combined with broad marketing and product management experience, resourcefulness, and capacity for informed risk. He is an effective, growth-focused leader, whose absence we still feel two years after his departure.

Liz Polk Lynch

Head Of Marketing & Business Operations at Wrkspot

“…encourages the team to be bold”

Rommil is an all-star marketer with an amazing blend of brand and growth experience. He’s shown incredible leadership… by helping solidify our company mission, building a great team, and executing on strategy to deliver user acquisition and revenue wins. He always does what it takes to hit objectives, and encourages the team to be bold. He is well respected across the entire company and I feel very fortunate to have him on the team.

Sylvia Ng

CEO @ ReturnBear | Former Shopify GM

“Rommil is a risk taker”

Rommil is a driven and phenomenal innovative marketer and eCommerce professional. He embodies a rare combination of customer orientation, data driven design, and innovative thinking. At his core, Rommil is a risk taker.

Sheila Tolle

Former Senior Director, Marketing - eCommerce, Small Business and AutoCAD Portfolio at Autodesk

“…willingness to help others excel in their roles”

Rommil is a good mentor. He always indicates a willingness to help others excel in their roles and acquire new skills. Rommil leads by example and is an inspiration for others to be innovative, creative and to take calculated risks.

Heather Himbury

Program Manager at Haivision

“…would persevere and lead by example”

As with any large organization, changing the culture to become more like a start-up company is hard. Rommil would persevere and lead by example, helping others build a competency on data and insights. When needed, Rommil would circumvent bureaucracy all while focusing on results. If necessary, Rommil understood that failure is part of the game and he would have no problems failing quickly if an experiment did not pan out (and documenting it for posterity for other teams).

Barbara Ott

Head of Community at Wattpad
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