About Rommil Santiago

How do you pronounce my name?

My name is Rommil (pronounced ROW-mill).

My motivation

I enjoy connecting dots and people to explore new ideas and trying better ways to do things. I thrive in solving problems and attacking challenges. I love building up teams and developing talent. I am not afraid of taking risks – at least in a business context. Ambiguity and I are besties. In short, I just like to get things done – any way I can.

Some things I’m proud of

Launching and building up practices like Experimentation, Personalization, SEO and Analytics Process Improvement at a 100-year old company like Loblaw isn’t straightforward. Starting from the ground-up, these programs are now core to how they build products.

I’ve also aligned teams across functions, countries, cultures, and timezones towards growth. It was a grind – but in the end, we worked through countless differences and started pulling in the same direction.

There are other things, but this is getting quite long. 😉

Past jobs

I’m based in Toronto and was most recently the Director of Growth Product at Loblaw Digital where I oversaw Product-Led Growth, Experimentation, SEO and Analytics Enablement. Before my time at Loblaw Digital, I had a few tours of duty that include stints at startups like: Ritual, 500px, theScore, and Flipp; established enterprises like Autodesk, CAE, and Bell; as well as at McGill and Concordia Universities. I’ve worked and/or led functions that include Marketing, Growth, Product, Analytics, and Customer Excellence. I’ve even had my own modest startup as well. Simply put, I’ve been around over the last 20 years.

My academic background

I got my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University and my MBA with a major in Marketing from Concordia University in Montreal. However, I’ve taken many courses in design, analytics (from UBC / DAA), and photography.

My spare time

In my spare time, I run Experiment Nation – an online community of Conversion Rate Optimizers with over 3K LinkedIn followers. I also mentor CROs, product managers, and marketers. I love to share what I know, and help others succeed. Outside of this, I play probably too much volleyball – that’s at least what my knees seem to be telling me.